Life’s challenges šŸ¤”

Life’s a challenge,

It’s sure to discern,

What is it that life will teach me,

What lessons are to be learned,

Many anguishes I’ve encountered,

Many arduous situations have past,

I look in the mirror,

It feels like I’m breaking the glass,

I wonder how I’ve subsist,

How have I come this far?

Life sure ain’t easy,

It’s like a door that’s ajar,

I want to close that door,

Move on from past challenges,

But what can you do,

When your mind can’t be silenced,

When I look in that mirror,

I don’t want to see the cracks,

I want to see a contented smile,

A smile that will last,

Tomorrow I’ll face a new day,

Another chance to try again,

So I’ll embrace that chance,

Let there be sun and no rain.



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