Numbness pill.

I have this pill,

It changes everything I feel,

Inside I’m screaming, 

Whilst outside I’m still,

Sometimes I wonder,

If I let out how I feel, 

Would it be better, 

Than suppressing it with a pill,

It feels better than tears,

Better than despair,

Whilst I’m under its spell,

It feels like I don’t care, 

Who wants to feel numb?

Even if the opposite is depression,

But the doctor prescribes,

So who am I to question, 

I know how I feel,

This is not me,

I don’t know who I am anymore,

It’s like I’m robbed of any glee,

I don’t want to cry,

But I also don’t want to be numb,

So what’s the alternative, 

When theres nowhere else to turn, 

It’s true,

Medication can’t fix this alone,

But if you can’t afford therapy,

Then what can be done? 

I wish I had answers,

For you and for me,

To lift away the pain,

To be happy and free. 


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