When Love and Hate collide 

I have this favourite song,

That describes love and hate,

I never understood it till now,

I can finally relate!

How can it be?

That you can still feel love inside,

For the person that hurt you,

And yet also despise,

The burden is heavy,

It weighs down on your heart,

The days get easier,

But your still falling apart,

When love and hate collide!

I finally comprehend,

You hate but you love,

Although you know it’s the end,

Months since it happened,

Still reeling inside,

Give me some closure!

I need to see some light,

The darkness is all consuming,

It’s eating me alive everyday,

Do I need to give up all love?

To finally make it go away,

Do I forgive the hurt he caused me?

Or do I continue to hate?

Or as they say does love drive out the darkness,

Will it help me see the light in my day?

These conflicting emotions,

It’s like a war inside your mind all day,

I need the war to cease fire,

I need to rediscover my way,

For all that’s it’s worth,

I’ll still love him all the same,

For hate and anger is all consuming,

I must take some blame,

More time will pass and maybe I’ll see,

That just because he’s already forgot me,

I’m worth more than being forgotten,

I’ll be myself again I’ll be me.


Losing love. 💔

So it’s came the day, 

You feared in trepidation, 

The day you lost,

All the love and admiration,

For the one you love,

They have let you down, 

Not a glint of a smile now,

Only a regretful frown, 

This person you have poured your heart into,

Has suddenly become, 

Deceitful, dishonest!

Not the person you had loved, 

That grey cloud comes down,

As you miss them all the same, 

How can you still love someone, 

When they are to blame? 

The joyous memories seem distances away,

You remember them clearly,

You think of them frequently,

Your dishevelled and teary,  

Right now there’s a pain in your heart, 

You are in a sad predicament,

Your hurting so bad,

You long to replace him, 

Don’t despair! 

For he wasn’t for you,

He let you down,

So what are we to do?

We turn around,

We face the other way,

Tomorrow will bring, 

A new more prosperous day, 

Leave those memories behind, 

Because that’s all that they are,

Grieve for your relationship loss,

And admire how you’ve come this far, 

It’s not going to be plain sailing, 

In fact it going to be hard, 

But the memories will fade, 

The troubles will be tarred, 

Losing love was like losing part of me,

Like something was then missing, 

It’s like I’m lost at sea, 

But I shall return from being adrift,

And maybe see clearly,

I’m just saddened I lost,

Someone I loved so dearly 💙